How to Get Better at Pull ups Fast (10 tips)

Pull ups are one of the best exercises with bodyweight that anyone can do.

They are a sure way to develop and grow the back muscles and achieve a v-taper.

I don’t think theres anyone who would say no to being able to do more pull-ups. That’s why I decided to go through some of the best advices that will give you great results.

How to get better at Pull ups fast

1. Don’t train till failure

Training to failure is like a no-brainer. Anyone does it as it is a part of almost all training routines.

But there is no one-size-fits-all in fitness training.

If you feel like you won’t be able to do the next rep with a perfect form – stop. Especially if you feel like you are starting to kip or swing excessively. Take a short break and continue with your next set.

If you are bench pressing and you feel like you won’t be able to make your next rep, you will stop. So why would you continue with your pull-ups? Because it is not dangerous enough I guess.

Always remember: Quality before quantity.

2. Loose the extra pounds

Oftentimes people focus only on their strength capabilities and forget about their own weight.

Even one extra pound of fat will have negative effect on your pull-ups.

Don’t forget that diet is 85% of the results. Not caring about your food and diet quality might lead to worse performance.

3. Work on your grip strength

One of the things that I had problems with was my grip strength. My forearms were too weak to keep me hanging on the bar enough time. Oftentimes my forearms would just tire out before my back. I wasn’t able to train my back effectively.

Incorporate some grip and forearm exercises into your training.

Anything from grip strengthener to just hanging of the bar for time could work wonders.

4. Keep your body tight

This is a training method that is used by many athletes and bodybuilders.

When working out concentrate your mind and tighten your whole body as you pull up. That way you will be able to use your whole energy potential.

By additionally tightening and squeezing the muscles on your legs, abs, and buttocks we can create a better explosive movement.

5. Start your pull-ups the right way

Don’t just completely dead hang from the bar. This is a mistake because when you are hanging from the bar like that you are straining your ligaments and joints.

Your shoulders should be pulled slightly to the back.

6. Use your back

Especially if you are just starting with doing pull-ups using your back muscles might be a difficult thing. Even though you are trying you might not actually be activating your back muscles the way they should be. You can even be using the back muscles on one side more then the other.

Incorporate some stretching, massaging and static holds into your training. Always try and focus while doing the pull-ups and imagine the muscles contracting and working.

7. Pull with your elbows

A frequent mistake I see is people pulling with their hands and not back muscles.

Focus on pulling with your elbows instead, as if you are trying to put them in the back pockets of your pants.

8. Incorporate isometric (static) holds

It has been proven that isometric holds at different position throughout the whole range of motion will improve:

  • with better activating and contraction of the muscles.
  • with improving the mind-to-muscle connection.
  • with improving the strength in that particular ROM.

If you feel weak at a particular part of the movement start doing static hold at that part of the movement (or near it).

9. Don’t do pull-ups everyday

Oftentimes I get asked what will happen if I do pull-ups every day.

Doing them everyday will not leave any room for recovery. That can lead to injuries due to overtraining and overuse.

Being motivated is good but rest days are vital as this is when your muscles grow and your energy replenishes.

Training pull-ups three times a week is more than enough for most people.

10. Add variation

Use different grips like wide, narrow, normal, neutral.

Incorporate different pull-up variations like, using rings, towel, on a thick bar, archer pull ups and etc.

There are many different variations and combinations that will allow you to hit your back muscles from different angles and you will get better at them.

Miro Ste

Hi fitness enthusiasts, my name is Miro, and I am the person behind Here I share my tips and trick about how to achieve the best physique possible. I focus primarily on old school bodybuilding methods that have been tried and tested. With a huge focus on calisthenics and street workout.

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